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StudioT3D is an Advanced Media Production studio located in E1, Central London, with a sister studio in Gateshead. We also have offices in Valencia, Spain, operating as Target3D Iberia, and Gisborne, New Zealand, as Target3D New Zealand. We offer Performance Capture and Virtual Production shoots using the latest media capture technologies across our studios. Our services include end-to-end animation capture, post-processing, and post-animation services.

We provide a variety of shoot options, including performance and motion capture shoots,
Volumetric Capture, LED virtual production studio for live action and Metaverse Streaming, as well as remote or on-site Mobile Motion Capture shoots.

StudioT3D stands out from other motion capture studios with our 2 central London capture volumes and a volume in Gateshead, all equipped with full body, finger, and face tracking capabilities. We also offer fast turnaround data processing and flexible shoot options, including short 1-day shoots and longer projects.

Large LED wall with a scene of a forest and a camera pointed at it.png

16m x 12m

Our Studios

Green carpet and drapes in volumetric capture volume with light totems all facing into the centre

9m diameter

State-of-the-art virtual production studio in Gateshead with curved LED screens, motion capture equipment and cameras

18m x 10m

Target3D Iberia's Motion Capture Studio
Screenshot 2024-06-21 153729.png

8m x 7m

8m x 8.5m

Studio 1 is our virtual production volume, with capability for multi user performance capture, events and broadcast.

Studio 2 is our volumetric capture studio, powered by a 4DViews Holosys system with optical and markerless tracking systems.

Advanced Media Production PROTO stage, located in Gateshead in the North East, is a VP and performance capture studio.

Target3D Iberia's Valencia headquarters in Spain are delivering motion capture, performance capture and demos, all in one space.

Target3D New Zealand operates out of Rāngai, a studio providing tertiary students a commercial environment to learn skills in production.

Studio 1  |  London

Studio 2  |  London

Proto  |  Gateshead

Iberia  |  Valencia

Rāngai  |  Gisborne

Services we offer

At StudioT3D, we work with you and your crew to bring your vision to life.

Experts in plate shoots,  2.5D and full ICVFX.

Our large LED wall, moving walls and camera tracking technologies, plus our cine cameras, professional audio and lighting systems allow us the range to produce advertising, film shorts, live events and more.

  • 1x 10.5m x 3.5m curved LED wall

  • Two 2.5m x 2m moving LED walls on casters

  • 2x Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12k

  • 2x Red Komodo 6K

  • nDisplay workflow 

  • Disguise media servers

  • Unreal Engine for virtual environment creation

virtual production

StudioT3D hosts cutting-edge motion capture and performance capture technology, with flexible options for  data cleaning, retargeting and post-animation available.


In Studio 1 we can capture up to nine performers in the volume, and seven in full performance capture.

  • Optical tracking system for sub-mm capture

  • StretchSense and Manus mocap gloves

  • Facegood and Radical Variance HMCs

  • Inertial suits for quick off site capture

  • Portable optical capture rigs

  • Camera, object, prop and light tracking on set

motion capture

In Studio 2, the 4DViews Holosys system captures high quality volumetric video for a range of applications, including AR, VR and MR.
We also offer optical tracking with an OptiTrack system, and markerless tracking via Theia Markerless and Captury, all in the same studio.

  • 360 green cyclo drape rail system
  • 48x 4DViews Holosys System cameras
  • 16x OptiTrack Prime Cameras
  • 8x OptiTrack Prime Color Theia Cameras

  • 12x Flir Captury Cameras

  • Audio capture & playback

volumetric capture


Our Services


Past Projects